Give Your Old Home A Face Lift!

You’ve bought an older style home; large and spacious rooms with high ceilings; your dream home but which needs a bit of TLC ! 

Painting the interior of a house Durban

You are going to re-decorate this beautiful old homestead slowly, as funds permit but in order to move in as soon as possible, you would like to get the entire interior painted as soon as possible.

Is this you?

Where to start? What colours should you paint the bedrooms, bathrooms and the lounge, dining room, passages, kitchen?

You will want good, long wearing paint, which, especially as you have little children, should be easy to wash down when necessary and be able to withstand some scribbles and other art work from time to time!  So, step one – a completely washable paint is a necessity I would say! Spend the extra for a good quality paint which will outlive the cheaper qualities by years …   

Colours play an important role in our lives; in bedrooms for example, paint colours should be gentle and soft, helping to induce sleep.  Some opinions would suggest that a bright red or green room for example could be a little bit garish in a bedroom? Perhaps you could have one feature wall however in a darker shade, which blends well with the other walls and woodwork.

Painting the interior of a house Durban

You might even have a passion for wall paper on one wall or more likely to paint one wall with blackboard paint giving the kids creative space within their reach. I think this is a brilliant idea Or … you might even consider a large mural on one wall, especially in boys’ rooms; motor bikes; Superman; Spiderman …  for this feature I would suggest you get a professional artist in, however having said that, with the old-style Overhead Projector transparencies, you can quite easily create your own, depending on how large your original picture is to copy from or trace from.

Let’s get on with choosing your quality of paint, specific finishes and most importantly the finished colour or tone you would like. Bear in mind that paint needs 24 hours to dry properly and only then, can one see the finished shade – also first thing in the morning is the best time to check the dried paint colour. Hence, you should get a few samples and paint a stripe on a little section of wall ahead of ordering all your paint.

Painting the interior of a house Durban

Often the natural habitat of the geography surrounding the home will have some influence on how the home should look and feel. Although this applies more seriously to the exterior, it is never-the-less important to create ‘flow’ inside the home following the colour textures of the outdoors with the inside in a way that is harmonious. This doesn’t mean that all walls should be green or blue either ! You can have fun visualizing this as you plan how best to execute the flow!

Above all, be individual and let your home be a reflection of your style and personality and the personalities of your family!

For more advice or an obligation free quote contact Turnkey Building Contractors using this form below or call Garrick Dunstan on 082 496 5444 or 031 – 762 1795


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