Choosing a Painting Contractor in Durban

Painting Contractor DurbanAs with any contractor there are various factors which need to be considered when choosing a painting contractor in Durban, or any other city that matter. Most home improvement projects, including painting your house, are costly and one wants them to be undertaken properly, professionally and without problems that result in increased bills. Cheaper is not always wiser. In my years of contracting I have seen too many clients opt for the cheapest quote only to regret it when the job isn’t done to their expectations or the quality they were expecting.

Although painting may seem like a fairly straight forward task, there are various skills that are needed in order to turn your painting job into a success. Hopefully this article can guide you in choosing a painting contractor to paint your house.

Painting Contractor Durban

Walls need to be prepared correctly to avoid premature failure of the painting. Loose flaking paint needs to be removed either through high pressure cleaning or through sanding. If any loose flaking paint remains and is painted over, it stands to reason that the new coat of paint will simply peel off with the old one. Paint also won’t adhere properly to walls which have dirt and grime on them. These need to be cleaned properly. Normally a high pressure cleaner, at the correct pressure, will do the job to remove old flaking paint and dirt and grime but if need be a sugar soap solution might need to be used to remove stubborn dirt and grime. On buildings where scaffolding is needed contractors may very well take short cuts and neglect to clean or prepare walls properly. Care should be taken to ensure that they are not taking short cuts.

The correct choice of paint is necessary to ensure that you are applying the best paint for your money. Cheaper paints will fail more quickly. When receiving quotes from contractors, care should be taken to question which paint will be used and then to ensure that that paint IS actually used when they start the job.

One can also interrogate the process that will be followed from cleaning and preparation to final coat to be satisfied that the contractor knows what he is doing and is going about your job in the best possible manner. Once the paint has been used it is too late to correct any incorrect methods or shoddy workmanship.

Skilled painters are invaluable. A painter with little to no experience will in all likelihood make a mess on adjacent walls or window frames which will either be time-consuming to remove or will damage the adjacent materials that have accidentally been painted. Aluminium sliding doors and windows for instance should be masked off properly to avoid any paint getting on them. If they are painted and then that paint scraped off they can leave unsightly scratches and marks in the aluminium. Paint spills on unsealed paving will soak into the paving and will be almost impossible to remove. Proper protection against this should be implemented by the contractor using proper drip sheeting and care in working on ladders.

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